It seems like these days, that coming by good volunteer work is nearly as difficult as getting a good job.  The process is pretty similar; applications, references, background checks, police checks, interviews....And the dreaded, "Don't call us; we'll call you" words at the end of the interview.  

Having taken time from work since July 2012; I spent the latter part of the year busy with family engagements and a bit of travelling.  When the new year rolled in, I thought it would be a great time to get back into a bit of schedule and to utilize my time by doing something for the community.  I've since applied and interviewed for three differing positions and have started working on two.  

One of the volunteer work requires the delivery of a day's program at local middle schools; the program is on job readiness.  It's been almost half year since I've been in a classroom and I felt a bit nervous; but it turned out great.  The students enjoyed their day and came away with some understanding about the accepting differences and working with different people.  I truly felt it was time well-spent on my part today.  Looking forward to the next one in a couple weeks' time. 

I also started helping an eco-organization doing some admin work...Love how I'm re-connecting with my original choice of study; environmental studies.  It's been a challenging work area for me to get into; not having the environment science/engineering background.  Maybe I'll be able to hook up with an NGO or something later.  

I'm still waiting go hear from one place; if that one goes, I'll get to see the panda bears! 

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