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As it can be seen, people were in a meaty mood!  Here are ribs, wings and chicken tacos from Montana's!  Came with caesar salad, coleslaw, fries and cornbread too.  

Ribs were tender and the meat fell off the bone easily.  They were moist, big and chunky.  The wings seemed a bit on the smallish side though it would have been nice to have a dipping sauce to go with it.  I really enjoyed the chicken tacos.  It had some crispy bits (deep-fried pita bread strips?) that added a tasty crunch.  The chicken was grilled nicely; not dry at all. 

The Caesar had real bacon bits and there was a generous portion of grated Parmesan but seemed a bit too saucy...Am thinking of the calories here.  The cornbread was different...Don't often get the chance to eat it.  It was moist but I often find cornbread to be a bit too grainy for my liking. 

The restaurant had a nice ambiance; there was decked out with wooden furniture in keeping with the mid-west theme.  The servers were attentive and I enjoyed doodling with their crayons on their paper tablecloth while waiting for the food.  It's fun to get to be a kid every now and then :)

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