Dad was in the mood for HK-styled milk tea and so we went to one of our usual haunts to satisfy his craving.  HK-styled milk tea is made with English red tea, evaporated milk and sweetened with sugar.  It's thick, creamy and oh so yummy but a big no-no for the tummy.  One of my favourite expressions come to mind: What's yummy for the lips, is dangerous for the hips."

For such a cutely named cafe, it delivers poorly in design.  Simple chairs and tables and large hand-printed menus instead of pictures decorate the walls.  But what they lack in style, they make up in price and of course, their milk tea!  Dad and Mom swears the tea here is the best.

Their afternoon tea menu starts at $2.50 for a number of different breads or toasts and a drink.  For a bit more, you get French Toast or soup noodles.  We went for their deep friend chicken wings, 2pcs and fries for $3.99 and Singaporean Fried Vermicelli (stir-fried vermicelli with ham, bean sprouts in a light curry paste).
Too bad the wings were a bit burnt but it was big and tasty. Love fat crinkle fries!
A Singaporean friend told me that this is NOT a native dish of Singapore.

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