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One recent Saturday, we decided to try one of the brunch places we had looked up on blogTO.  Cora's and Wimpy's may be good but we were on an adventure to try smaller establishments and/or indpendent ones.

We were in the Danforth Ave. when our hunger got the better us and so we stopped at a cute cafe we spotted while driving down the road.  Patisserie La Cigogne is THE cake and pastry place.  Beautifully crafted tiered cakes, pies, macaroons, eclairs...Just heavenly.  The only reason we didn't order any of these delectable offerings was that it just seemed wrong to have cake as our first meal fo the day.

Aside from the bakery section, they do have an all day breakfast and brunch menu but it doesn't seem that extensive, a few crepe, quiche and breakfast options.  This is not your egg/sausage type of brunch and I suppose it's the breads and cakes which are the feature products.  We decided go for their weekend brunch special, Tart Flambee but was informed that it is only available at their Bayview sister branch.  In  the end we chose Croque Madame and a ham/swiss chess crepe as well as their $2.00 coffee with free refill.  Specialty coffees are also available. 
Toasted brioche, ham, swiss cheese and topped with a sunng-side-up egg. Warm and savory but the egg was a bit on the too-raw side.
This turned out to be quite delicious! A much healthier option that the egg, sausage and hash I was initially looking for.

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