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Looking for an afternoon left us frustrated this day.  The first place (Red Tea Cafe) was crowded which has never been in all the times I went...The second place (Pacific Mall)  was a nightmare to drive into due to heavy traffic...So we ended up in New Mongkok Plaza.

We did a walk-around of the plaza and ended up at  'Power King Restaurant'.  A few tables were already taken but it wasn't too crowded.  They had two specialty 'lunch boxes' for $5.99.  (a.) Short-ribs, fried rice and a spring roll or (b.) lemon chicken, fried rice and two deep-fried wonton.  We choose set (b.) and beef fried noodles.  Both came with a drink.
Quite a generous portion and the beef was tender. The noodles were a bit soggy and not the crispy-style ones I prefer.
The food was tasty and the portions large but it was your usual congee & noodle stops.  We probably won't come back because there are so many more similiar ones to try.  

We couldn't finish the noodles and asked for a take-out box and found out that take-out boxes for afternoon tea costed an extra $0.25. 

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