Wow.  I don't even know where to start with this one.  I hope I'm not the only one who has this problem...A blackhole of a garage.  But it unfortunately sometimes seems so especially when I walk pass neighbours who happen to have their garages open; shelves neatly lining the walls with labelled boxes or containers...Empty space in the middle for parking the car...My own family garage?  It looked like a storm or the road runner made a visit and decided to stay.  

For the longest time, we could only access the very front of the garage where the garbage and recycle bins were kept; we couldn't get in due to the clutter.  Over the years, it became a storage area where things were just shoved in and overtime, people forgot what was actually in there.  I'm sure there were times where multiple items were purchased simply because the first one got lost in the garage and it was far simpler to go out and buy one than to try to locate it. 

Thinking to help clear some stuff and make a little pocket money, I decided to do a garage sale.  It took me about 2-3 weeks to sort out the items, clean and price them and then a day or two to make signs and posters.  Some of the larger items were posted on-line and the very first items sold included: rusty old wheelbarrow ($15); canopy ($80); computer desk ($40) and lawnmower ($65).  Those first few sales helped power the project on as it did get rather tiring and daunting...There was just so much stuff and I got weary of making little price stickers and sorting out the 2/$1 pile, the $1 pile, $5 pile etc. 

Originally, I wanted to do a weekend garage sale; Saturday and Sunday.  However, the weather was grey and miserably that we held it again the following week.  In the much was cleared and a couple hundred dollars was made making the whole garage sale; as tiring as it was; worth te effort.  However, there's still much that didn't get sold and I'm still, to this day; finding things that I can sell if I had another garage sale.

I think doing garage sales is a great learning experience for kids; the parents always felt it was tedious and too much work so we never had one when we were younger.  A few years ago, during one of my summer visits from HK, I got the family do the very first one where we sort of accidentally sold Dad's old lawnmower.  With the money we made, we bought him a new one...Which was sold at this garage sale.  So yes, garage sales can be a lot of work but worth doing if you've got lots to clear out. 

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