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The youngest bamboo girl is flying off soon and requested another round of dim sum as good dim sum is hard to come by where she will be going.  Since Bamboo Girl #2 had a dental appointment nearby, it was decided to dim sum at Very Fair Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Scarborough.

Again, it's Scarborough, don't expect fancy decor or furniture.  But, it's decent food and fair prices and everyone comes away with a full tummy and very satisfied.  About 6 - 7 dishes were ordered and that came out to about $25.00.  Not bad for feeding a family of fiveI  While many of the more up-to-date restaurants have moved towards the cook-to-order system (you mark what dishes you want on an order sheet); this place has retained old-school charm where 'aunties' pushed food carts up and down the aisles.  It's fun seeing what's being offered and then you can just pick off the carts.  I enjoy this more though granted, the food may get cold by the time the cart makes it to my table.

A couple of dishes that stood out: the deep fried sesame balls...Huge hollow crispy balls rolled in sesame which the waitress punctures and snips into manageable bite-size pieces.  Surprisingly, none of the usual dishes such as shrimp dumbling, pork sui mai or steamed rice rolls were ordered.  But, we were all full on the BBQ pork steam buns, the mini sparerib claypot rice and others.

Please excuse the poorer photos as my camera mal-functioned...Need a new one :(

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