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I had made a deal with mom, for having her help out with the garage sale on Mother's Day weekend, I will treat her to tea.  A deal came up on-line for C House Lounge Café in Yorkville, high-tea for two for $29.00+ tax/gratuities.  Mom doesn't usually get to venture Downtown or the vicinity so I thought it might be nice...High tea in a fashionable neighbourhood and then interesting shops to browse around.

The place is nicely decked out with a reasonably spacious front-door bistro area.  White and black and mirrored walls lends an air of sophistication.  There were a number of smartly dressed ladies enjoying the high-tea on this sunny, hot afternoon.  The small cool flute of champagne that started off the high-tea experience was a welcomed drink indeed.  

The tea selection was minimal and as we were utilizing a coupon/voucher, we were told it would be a shared pot of tea.  This seemed rather unusual;  and the pot was quite a small pot though it was readily re-filled with hot water.  It really was just a teabag after all and it didn't seem like it would be that much more costly to have two small pots going.  Although I know I'm using a voucher, I expected loose-leaf teas...Something a little more classy to match the environment of the establishment.  The food started with finger sandwiches  (smoked salmon, salami etc.) on the bottom tier, flavoured French bread with three macaroons on the middle tier and four petit (one-bite) chocolate tarts on the top.  Funny things was, we were browsing at the Pusateri's fine foods store next door and saw the exact same flavoured French bread ($4.99).  While the food tasted ok and I did enjoy the macaroons, it seemed somewhat underwhelming.  I was a bit surprised that scones, a staple for high-teas, was not offered.

Was it good?  This depends on how one looks at it.  As a high-tea; the one I had a Royal York was so much better.  But then again, that was $35/person there.  Here, it's almost like a 2-for-1.  The food wasn't as fine but the ambiance and location was nice.  If you're after the real high-tea experience, then don't skimp, pay for the real deal at Windsor Arms or Royal York.  But if you're looking for a nice place to chill with a friend and have some light bites, then this was fine (just don't expect a true high-tea).  The host was attentive and the food; while nothing fancy; was fine.  On the way out, I saw an advert for Sunday Brunch  (buffet?), 11am - 3pm for $30/person...Might be nice to lounge in their outdoor area for a Sunday brunch if in the area.

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