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Was watching an episode of 'Once Upon A Time' and watched a character eat a hot dog; was thinking I hadn't had a street dog in ages...They don't have any in Hong Kong...The real ones anyway...And that led me to think of burgers and before you know it, we were in the car and on our way for a greasy, satisfying burger from Johnny's.  Unfortunately, they were closed!  We decided to give 5 Guys a try.  There are 3 locations in Toronto, we went to the one on Warden as it was closest. 

As it was late in the evening (nearly 9pm I think), it wasn't too crowded but as the burgers are individually crafted with your choice of toppings and condiments, there was a bit of wait.  To pass the time, we munched on the roasted peanuts available in open sacks.  Was very satisfying to pop and munch!
Those are sacks of peanuts, just ready to be popped and eaten. Crunch! Crunch!!
The burgers arrived but I was disappointed that the buns were not toasted.  In fact, they were cool to the touch.  the meat was juicy and the toppings fresh.  I chose the small regular burger at $5.19, figured smaller burgers meant fewer calories...Ha!  Didn't help that I also ordered a small fry; comforted myself with the thought that since I'm sharing, it means half the fat. 

There's a small blackboard near the cashier which states where and what type of potatoes are used for that day's fries.  The small fries we ordered was plenty enough for us to snack on...Was late after all and we didn't want to feel too guilty afterwards.  Think they were $2.99 and the soft drink had free refills.
This is the small burger with one beef patty for $5.19. The regular has two patties and is $6.99.

02/22/2013 3:02pm

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