While not necessarily a CNY staple, we make them around this time of the year as a change from all the sweets we have been making and eating.

Filling: Carrots, water chestnut, shitake mushroom, preserved Chinese sausage, dried prawns, shallots, garlic, coriander, sesame oil, soy sauce

Wrapper: 1 pk (400g) tapioca pearls, water, wheat starch

1.   Soak tapioca pearls in water.  When soft, set aside to strain overnight.
2. Loosely chop up parsley and set aside.  Dice remainder filling ingredients.  Put in bowl and season with sesame oil and soy sauce.
3.  Heat a tablespoon of oil in wok.  Stir-fry the diced ingredients.  Spoon into bowl and mix in the chopped coriander.  
Do a taste test. Add a little more sesame oil, soy sauce or some chili flakes as desired.
Set aside to cool completely.
4. Heat the tapioca in the microwave for about 3mins.  It should look translucent.  Careful not to overcook.  To make it more manageble, we divided the tapioca iinto 3 bowls and heated them up separately. 

For our second batch, we tried steaming the drained tapioca.  Works a bit better but a little more work.

5. Put all the tapioca into a large mixing bowl and stir in wheat starch a little at a time to achieve a sticky consistency.  If it gets too dry, add a little hot water.
Too hot to handle so clever Mom uses a saucer and gently kneads.
Add a little more wheat starch if it gets too sticky to handle.
6.  Now the tricky part.  Scoop out a little piece of the dough.  Pull, stretch, tug until you have a flat disc.  Add a spoonful of the filling.  Knead the dough shut.  You can choose a traditional dumpling shape or roll into a ball.  But it can be quite STICKY and requires patience.
7. Brush a little oil on a steaming basket.  Layer the dumplings on the basket and steam for 6-8mins.  It will take on a glossy, translucent look.  Serve warm.
Oops, the one in the middle wasn't closed tightly enough and popped open while steaming.
**This is a versatile filling and can be used in other dumplings, in glutinous rice or in taro/carrot pudding cakes.  
**A number of different ingredients can be used for the filling such as celery or corn.

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