Juicy, moist chicken accompanied with minced ginger-spring onion dipping sauce...You know you're in a Chinese restaurant when you see this dish.  But Chef Mom makes this dish regularly, especially when chicken is on sale. 

Asians served their chicken dish and fish dish 'whole' meaning with head and tail.  Why?  I often wondered too as a kid.  Eating fish or chicken fillet is so much easier and less messy.  But I'm told that it's the restaurant's way to show their customers that they get everything they're paying for...No waiters/servers with sticky fingers stealing a piece or two.  Also, the Chinese believe in good beginnings and endings...Thus, you get the head and the tail when ordering these dishes.

The reason I'm telling you this is because the photos I'm posting are slightly 'graphic' and not necessarily the most, well, appetizing.  But trust me, the taste is great.
1. one 3lbs chicken with gizzards, kidneys, heart removed.  (For bigger chickens, steam longer)
2. sliced ginger and spring onion, salt

Dipping Sauce:
-minced ginger, spring onion/scallions, salt, cooked oi;

1. Clear the cavity of the chicken.  Give the chicken a good rinse.  Rub salt all over the chicken and marinate overnight.

2. Place chicken in a steaming dish.  Place some sliced ginger and spring onion on top and inside of the chicken.

3.  Once the water in the pot has boiled, place the chicken on the steaming dish inside.  Cover with lid and steam for 10-15min.  Reduce to medium heat and continue steaming for another 30mins.  Finally, turn off heat and keep chicken covered in pot for another 10-15mins.  (Total cooking process is approx. 1 hour).

4. When cool to touch, cut chicken and serve with ginger/onion dipping sauce.

Dipping Sauce:
-In a small dish, add salt to minced ginger and spring onion.  Heat a little oil in pan and once hot, spoon over the minced giner/spring onion.  Mix well.  

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