Chang-Er the moon goddess
One of the beauty of multiculturalism is the kaleidoscope of foods to sample and delight in; and the myriad of cultural festivals to experience.  At any given time of the year, some amazing celebration is underway; just waiting to excite the senses.  

China and other parts of Asia will be celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month which is about a week's time away. Already, beautiful coloured lanterns in all sorts of fantasy shapes have been hung up and displayed at Hong Kong's  Victoria Park.  
As with all festivals, it is steeped in legend and customs.  Check out  this youtube video for a simple animated story about Chang-Er, the moon goddess. 

One of the specialty food enjoyed at this festival is the Mooncake.  Below, is a recipe for a modern twist of the traditional Mooncake; the snow-skin Mooncake.  

*200g snow-skin flour
*250g cooked glutinous flour
*80g of room-temperature water
*10g shortening (I used butter)

Optional: I used pre-made black sesame paste and taro paste.  You can also use the traditional lotus paste, red bean paste or green bean paste.
Rolling pin, Measuring Scale, Mixing Bowl, Cling-wrap, Mooncake Mold.  I used a 50g mold to make bite-size Mooncakes.  
1.  Mix together the snow-skin flour and water.  Knead until the texture is slightly gooey and sticky.

2.  Add shortening and mix very well.  Wrap in cling-wrap and chill for 30 minutes.

3.  Divide the filing paste into portions of 32g.  Roll into ball.  Set aside.  (Use 40g for 63g mold)

4. When snow-skin dough has chilled, give it a quick roll with the rolling pin and then divide in to portions of 18g. Pat cooked glutinous flour on work-station and rolling pin to make it less sticky.  Be careful not to use too much as it will make the dough dry.  (Use 23g for 63g mold)

5. Take one portion of the dough and roll out flat.  Wrap around one part filling; seal the edges of the dough by rolling it into a ball.  Be careful not to expose any of the filling.  Put into a dusted Mooncake mold.  Press and release.  

6. Repeat step 5 until all dough and filling has been  used up.  

7. Wrap well in cling-wrap and chill until ready to enjoy.  Remove from fridge 20-30 minutes before serving.    Best served with a cup of fragrant Chinese tea. 

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