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In HK, Tsui Wah is a well-known cafe chain which started in 1967 serving local favourites such as french toast, milk tea and noodles.  It opens early and closes late and on Fridays and Saturdays, one can find the late-night party goers coming in to replenish energy before hitting the party scene again.  Been there myself ;p

Toronto's Tsui Wah is situated next to Chiu Chow Boy recently sampled.  They have an all-day breakfast menu and an afternoon tea menu as well as regular food menu.  Today, we went to sample their afternoon tea.  I love my milk tea but have decided to forego it this time and went with hot lemon tea, the other all-time HK favourite.

The fried chicken wings and fries were nice and golden and not burnt to a crisp as with some places.  The wonton noodles were as expected.  Overall, the place is all rright, reasonably priced, bright and clean.  However, in terms of chicken wings, the ones at Hollywood Cafe is still the best price...3 for $2.99 and a drink!

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