I'm quite excited about the panda training at the zoo...Too bad the weather is drizzly and grey.  Can't wait to see the pandas!

There were about 15 of us, out of over 88 volunteers hired. Today's training was was day 2 of Interpretive Volunteer where one demonstrates/shows related biofacts at the panda exhibit tent. I originally chose to be Special Events volunteer thinking I'd help out with even coordination.  Doesn't seem to be what I think it'll be so am switching over to join this group of equally excited volunteers.

Made a few nice acquaintances!  I'm looking forward to my first day real work day at the zoo! 
I had my interview about a month ago and took the opportunity to wander through the grounds for a bit...Haven't been there in a while.  As it's off-season, the mood and atmosphere was quiet and some of the animals were taken inside to shield from the cold.  But, I did get to see a number of pavilions; many birds and the orangutans and gorillas!  Never tire of seeing these animals at play. 

Had a Beavertail...What a treat!  Funny story; a friend of mine posted on her FB that see enjoyed a Beavertail; a non-Canadian friend saw the post and gasped!  Beavertail?  Really?  Eww...!  I had a good laugh at that one. 

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