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Asians are known to be big tea drinkers but I've noticed on this trip back to Toronto that a tea-drinking culture is striving in Toronto.  Plenty of gourmet tea shops have sprung up with very pleasant fusion blends of east meets west.  Coffee is nice; my HK milk tea is nice but a soothing cup of clear tea is best when one is feeling a bit under the weather or simply when one desires something lighter on the tummy. 

But Ten Rens Tea Time goes beyond simply selling teas...They offer dishes; Taiwanese-inspired, featuring tea ingredients.  Frankly, I don't really taste the tea in the dishes though the dishes are tasty.  For $15.99, you get salad, soup, main dish, side dish, dessert and a drink.  I quite enjoyed the seaweed/tofu soup, the chicken cutlet and the two desserts (green tea mousse and caramel egg pudding).  

The seating environment is pleasant enough and I do enjoy the slightly old-fashion Chinese decor but the Adele music being played somehow just doesn't fit the match.  The crowd tends to be young...Younger then later it is with the Taiwanese snacks and bubble teas being the more popular food and drinks orders.  I generally find bubble tea houses to be overpriced...It's mainly flavoured milk powder drinks with sago; but is a nice alternative to coffee if all you want is a place to mingle and chat with friends. 

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