Was in the mood for something hot and spicy!  Si Chuan House on 394 Spadina Ave is little restaurant that serves up some spicy dishes.  I noticed spicy frog legs but wasn't really in the mood to sample it.

Free appetizers were served.  There was spicy marinated kelp and roasted salty peanuts...Enjoyable to munch on while we waited for our dishes. 

The spicy offal noodle was the favourite of the day.  Not too spicy, the noodles had a nice chew and the offal were tender. 

The lycee pork, while all right, but didn't have a lycee flavour and I found it a bit over-done. 

The xiaolong bau was not as good as some of the other places I've been; but then, this is not a Shanghai restaurant so I'll excuse them for the lack of presentation. 

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