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I have Asian food very frequently; so today, we decided to go for something a little different and went to Gourmet Malaysia on Sheppard Ave. in Scarborough. 

Just reading some of the names on the menu brought back memories of my first two years in HK; when I worked with many teachers from Singapore and Malaysia.  I frequented Singapore and parts of Malaysia then.  Those were good years; everything was such a novelty for me!  The food was so different from the usual Cantonese cuisine I eat....Bak Kut Tai soup, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng, Laksa Noodles, Mee Gorang, Bee Hoon Noodles, Beef Randang, Indian Rojak, CNY treats like Love Letters and Pineapple tarts, Kek Lapis and other sweet delights like pandan chiffon cake from Bengawan Solo. 

Fond memories of Singapore and Malaysia include enjoying curry crab and cereal prawn at Clarke Quay; hot ginger milk tea at kopitiams (cafes), slurping drinks out of plastic baggies, staring at the majestic Mt. Kinabalu and knowing I wasn't hike that thing, magical evening boat rides admiring fireflies, gorgeous sunsets while sipping cocktails on white sandy beaches...Learning about the Peranakan (descendants of Chinese and Indonesian/Malay people) in Georgetown...Perhaps one day, I will get to go back and visit some old dear friends. 

But today, we at least have Malay restaurants to enjoy, right here in Scarborough.  The place serves Halal food and is spacious.  I believe there are regular evening dances or karaokes.  The customers are varied and on this day, there were Westerners, Muslims and Malays and the table next to us with whom we chatted to; Malay-Taiwanese.  It's good to see a healthy mix of people...Everyone enjoying a diverse range of foods. 

It was a little late for lunch so the place wasn't too crowded and the service was prompt.  There were lots to choose from but the Gado-Gado, which was like a cooked vegetable dish with a satay or peanut sauce was lovely and a great alternative to cold salads.  The curry chicken with coconut rice was tender and flavourful.  There are quite a few interesting dishes that caught my mind and will definitely come back another day to sample them. 
Gado Gado Nonya Mixed Salad with Peanut Sauce $6.99
Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken/Coconut Rice $7.80

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