Toronto seems to be struggling with deciding to stay winter or change to spring.  The last few days, it'll change from blustery cold with snow to sunny bright sunshine the very next.  But, even as winter bids her adieu, she leaves us with a reminder of how beautiful winter can be.

Here are a few upcoming events that are fun or worth supporting which have piqued my interest!

EARTH HOUR 2013  24MAR13 @ 8:30pm - 9:30 pm or longer.  Definitely hope to take part in this annual global event.  Coordinated my workplace's effort towards this event.  This year, am happy to just be a participant.  Will be turning all non-essential lights out...No TV, not phones...No blogging tonight ;p

Click here for the official youtube video.  Very inspirational! 

Metro Zoo.  Panda Bears ready to face their admirers in May.  So cute.  Must visit!

Sparking Diva's.  Ladies networking event.  Sounds like a fun way to meet some new people and make some new friends. 

GreenDrinks.  Every third Wednesday.  I've been struggling with attendance. Something always seem to come up.  I have attended a number of them in HK and am keen to see how the two cities' approach the same event.

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