I've been delighting in discoveries of new clumps of early spring flowers in bloom.  Unfortunately, I'm experiencing a mild case of the jealous-neighbour-next-door when I see how others have proud displays of bright yellow and brilliant purple crocus' or colourful tulips.  All I seem to have in my own yard is headless tulips and early spring onions...At least I can eat those. 
But today, I finally noticed a tiny little clump of small purple flowers in my own backyard...Hardly anything to gloat and show-off.  This however has spurred some gardening fun.  

Picked up a cheap strawberry and poppy flower gardening kit; $1.00 each; the type for kids to play and mostly likely not going to work.  But, just for the fun of it, I decided to give it a try...And who knows?  Maybe something can be coaxed to grow from that small little peat pellet enclosed in the package.  Maybe that's the fun part; not knowing if it'll really work.  And if does; I'll be boasting my strawberries in a later blog entry ;p

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