Been busy volunteering at the zoo as a Panda Ambassador.  Over 20 000 people visted the zoo this past Victoria Day long weekend.  The wait to go into the panda exhibit ranged from 1/2 hour to an hour...It was just one of those times where one had to excerise patience and tolerance.

As a volunteer sharing and talking about panda facts;busy days can be quite tiring; but on really quiet days, like today, it made the shift seem much longer.  Am happy to have experienced working under different conditions. 

Fortunately, we had a special staff viewing day prior to the grand public opening and so we didn't have to deal with the crowd.  However, the pandas were sleeping with their backs to us and so we didn't get many great photos.  Today, being a much quieter day (it even stormed on us!), I was able to run over for a sneak peek.  They truely are very adorable animals!

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