Was in the mood for something different and this versatile dish nacho dish made for an easy quick meal! 

-Package of Nachos (original)
-Grated cheddar/marble cheese

-sour cream
-1/2 can kidney beans
-shredded lettuce
-cubed tomatoes
-lean ground beef
-1 jar/can salsa

Optional Ingredients: corn, cubed cucumber, onion, black beans or remove beef for vegetarian option.

1. Brown lean ground beef in a pan.  When mostly cooked, add kidney beans.  Stir to prevent burning/sticking. 
2. Add salsa sauce and continue to stir. When fully cooked, set pan aside. 
3. Arrange on a plate; Nachos, lettuce and tomato.  Add generous helping of salsa/bean/beef mixture.  Sprinkle cheese and add a dollop or two sour cream on top. 



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