Do you see anything interesting about this tree?  It was pink when we first planted it many years ago.  Some time ago, it must have crossed pollinated with another one and we've got a two-in-one tree.  

It's a beautiful time now, cherry blossoms, magnolias and other flowering trees have blossomed or budding tender green leaves; all creating a delicate canopy against the blue sky. 

I've been doing a little bit gardening; transplanting some fo the spring flowers from crowded flowerbeds to other parts. I've planted some of the leftover poppy and strawberry seeds and have been watching anxiously for the first leaves. 

Here's an update pic on the poppy and strawberry seeds a planted a week back. Strawberries on the left and poppies on the right.  Still so small!  I wonder if I'll have strawberries to eat this year. 

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