At $17.00 per admission ticket, it does seem a bit dear.  However, with admittance to both the National Home Shoe and Canada Blooms event, you are sure to have a busy day.  Fortunately, we were given a few free tickets and so decided to take advantage of it.

I worked at the CNE for about 5 summers as a youth and everytime I see Prince's Gate, I always remember fondly of my adventures while working there.  Fortunately, in this cold weather, the two events are hosted in the same building and connect into each other.

The National Home Show first.  It was HUGE and covered everything from booths promoting windows/doors producets and services, flooring, tiles, kitchen counters, patio furniture, home furniture, alarm systems, sinks and taps, lighting fixtures etc.  The massage chairs were awesome and once you're all laid out comfortably in one, you just don't want to leave...I had be pulled out one :p  There was a booth promoting sewing classes and I had a lot of fun making a small cosmetic bag.  There were also live cooking demonsrations and other small home-improvement demonstrations. 

I entered a few lucky draws...I know, I know...They just want your info to do marketing but I play along...Maybe, just maybe I'll win  something!   Don't mind the Canadian Tire cash card; a car, a VIA train trip or maybe even the portable sewing machine like the one I worked on!

After stopping for a little snack...A large order of freshly deep-fried onion rings washed down with a large free sample of iced tea from Keurigs; it was time to tackle the Canada Blooms exhibition.  Unlike the National Home Event, things were spread out more so it was less claustrophobic.  There were numerous vendors selling seeds and bulbs, floral care items, artisan crafts made with flowers or based on a floral theme. There were many different types of floral arrangment competitons...Two of my favourites were on the themes of wedding cakes and shoes. 

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