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Oh my, such frivolous luxury...Where to start?  It was just such a nice experience!  Amid the hustle and bustle of everyday city life; tucking oneself into a cozy recess of old fashioned charm and soaking up elegant ambivalence makes for such a delightful treat. 

According to their website, Fairmount Royal York has been serving Afternoon Tea since 1929!  One is truly indulging in history here!
The experience starts with individual choice of fine teas served in dainty floral teapots.  I chose the Kyoto Cherry Jasmine which was light and refreshing on its own.  Not much of a cream and sugar tea person unless it's HK-styled milk-tea.

I was pleasantly surprised that other than the finger-food and pastries served on the 3-tier dishes; here, two other dishes were served first.  First, there was Crumpets with Berries; the warm buttery crumpets matched and the sweet tartness of fruit complemented each other nicely.

This was followed with delicate finger sandwiches; lobster and mango salad, smoked salmon, smoked turkey with cheese and lastly, goat cheese with strawberry.  As sandwiches go, they were alright.  I enjoyed the lobster and mango one best.  One felt a bit too dry and the goat cheese didn't stand out as much as I had anticipated.  

Finally, the long awaited lovely 3-tiered dishes came; warm scones on the bottom and these were good.  Madeleines and Financiers on the middle tray and delicate pastries on the top.  The strawberry tart at the top was delicious but neither my friend or I cared for the swan pastry.  It was pretty to look at and while the Chantilly cream in the swan was nice; the swam itself was dry. 

Throughout the seating, our host came around to add hot water to our teapots and inquire how we were getting along.  Each time she brought a new dish, she'd take a minute to explain what it was.  Indeed, she was attentive and we felt well-looked after. 

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