This was quite an interesting experience.  In HK, Hakka food is most definitely Chinese food.  Here, it's taken an Indian twist!  We were the only Chinese customers in the restaurant!

The menu had a spicy edge to it; there were many Szechuan dishes.  It wasn't that the dishes weren't good; it just wasn't to my pallet.  The spices were too strong for me and the dishes; although Chinese in appearance; did not taste the way I expected them to.  

I learnt from a recent conversation with a Sri Lankan zoo volunteer that there's a sizable Hakka presence in parts of India and Sri Lanka and the Hakka food there has been tweaked to suit their tastes; it would come across as being spicier.  

The restaurant does appear to be quite popular with south-Asians and the fried noodle dishes seemed popular choices.  However, this place wasn't for me. 

Below on the left is the spicy crispy chicken.  On the right is a stir-fried curry vegetarian noodle. 


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