Gorgeous Guelph.  Even with Spring not yet showing all her glory, simple quaint charm can be found here in this university town.  Love this wooden covered bridge which leads to a nice walking trail.  A father and son came by with free coffee; leftover from a church function.  Next to the trail, is the pink 'The Boathouse' serving afternoon tea.  At $26 for two, this is such a deal!  Unfortunately, we were too late for it and opted instead to join the line of parents and kids for cheerful scoop of ice cream.  Ahhh....Such a lovely treat on a sunny day; and watching little children with ice cream cones is such a sweet sight.

Downtown, there are old court buildings and even the  VIA rail station fits in nicely.  Coffee shops, vintage clothing stores and shops selling all sorts of knick-knack all makes for a pleasant day outing. 
The Court Experience...

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