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Ohh..What a feast.  We had some coupons for The Fish House and with everyone home from afar, it was time to celebrate!  Still thinking of my low-carb diet, I thought, 'no problem'...It's just fish after all.  Oh, but then there was the appetizer and then the dessert...Guilty!

Fish House, located on Woodbine Ave. serves up all sorts of seafood.  It'll cost a pretty penny but thanks to mom's quick thinking, had purchased some promotional coupons in earlier in the year.  Tonight, we ate like kings but did little damage to the wallet.

The place is suitably decorated with fishes decor dotting the walls.  There are wide booth seats as well as regular seats and a bar area too.  It was a busy day and our server was kept quite busy.  We ordered from both the regular menu and the special dinner menu.  There's Early Bird menu too for those who dine from 4:00pm - 6:00pm.  Seems like quite a good deal, including appetizer, main and dessert.  Next time.

Now check out what we had!  Most of the fish was salmon or tilapia and seems like the specialty here is for it be 'crusted' which is a topping of crushed pastachio or macademia nuts and served with two sides.  We had extra asparagus, daily vegetalbes (carrots, peppers, zucchini) and my favourite, sweet potato mash.  Warm crunchy bread was served together with our drinks.  We then sampled the clam chowder and fried calamari for appetizers...The chowder was thick and chunky and full of yumminess but the calarami I found to be too salty; actually I did find the overall meal a bit heavy on the salt side.  A lovely ley lime pie helped round of the meal.  It's tartness was refreshing of such a big meal. 

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