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440 Spadina Ave. (Toronto) (416) 966-9688
Hungry and cold from walking and touring around downtown Toronto, we ended up in this little restaurant specializing in Northern Chinese cuisine in Chinatown.  The resaurant was clean, bright and had private booths along the side.
Lamb seems to be a specialty here and featured in several dishes including 'Lamb Fries' which were **Gasp...Lamb testicle skewers!  While I'm an adventurous eater, I wasn't up to it. 
We ordered boiled dumplines instead of pan-fried ones in a bid to keep healthy, Stinky Tofu and on a follow-up visit, leek pancakes and spicy lamb skewers.  All very delicious!
15 pieces ofr $6.99
Juicy, tender morsels...A little red vinegar and chili oil...Just lovely!
Crispy and pungent; definitely for those with an acquired taste. $4.99.
Meat had a good bite to it, the chili flakes were just the right amount heat for me. $4.99/4pcs.
These were big! Filled with leek, a little bit of egg, dried prawns...It was quite taste and crispy but a bit too oily for me.

03/19/2013 8:00am

Hey, I'm a big fan of this restaurant. I'm glad to see you enjoyed it as well.

Noel Muller
07/16/2013 12:01am

I'm a Torontonian currently living in Jilin City, China. I will be back in Toronto for a couple weeks in August, and I want to take some friends to a restaurant that will give them an authentic experience of what dongbei food is like.

I'm leaning toward taking them to Chinese Northern Flavour Restaurant based mostly on your review. Will this be the place I'm looking for to give an authentic impression? Is there anything, positive, negative, or neutral, you didn't say in your review that would be helpful?

Thanks in advance for your help!

07/16/2013 9:10am

Hi Noel,

Yes, this is quite a cute little place and the food is good. Now, I'm no expert; having only been to Shanghai and Beijing, but the place is good and the service friendly. And, after the meal, you have an interesting area to poke around in.

If Chinatown is a bit far, there are other yummy places in Scarborough and Markham. There's a little one that I've been to in Scarborough Village (Midland/Finch) that has many dumpling options as well.

Bon appetite!


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