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Ahh...Brunches.  Nothing says indulgence like brunches on the weekends...Or Afternoon High-Teas...Or Dessert Buffets...Or maybe even Mid-night Snacks (more of an Asian thing I think).   I believe that any time you are enjoying one of these meails, it means you're off from work, free and don't give a nilly as to the time of day.

This is my third visit to Panagios.  It's an unassuming all-day breakfast spot dishing up the usual suspects...Omelettes, sausages, eggs benedict, breakfast wraps etc with a small lunch section as well.

I went with scrambled eggs and sausages and asked for the toast and home-fries be substituted with more fruit.  While they readily agreed to it, it wasn't that much more fruit. The toast and home-fries make for a better deal.  Coffees came with refills.  My friend ordered the Eggs Benny and commented the tasty Hollandaise sauce.  While we enjoyed ourselves today...The food this time 'round wasn't as good as my previous visits.
Eggs Benny. $10.99. Not sure if it should have come with toast as well...Not that we could have eaten it all.
Breakfast Club with choice of ham, bacon or sausages with eggs. Scrambled eggs were overdone. Extra fruit instead of Home-fries and toasts.
On this Saturday, the place was full but not fully packed and so we enjoyed our meal slowly and chatted away.  Every girl needs a few great girlfriends to chatter with and to go shopping with...Which we did!  But only to work off the calories...
This photo is from a previous visit...The portions seem more generous on that visit but it could be what we ordered this time. The dish on the top is one of Panagio's omelettes. The one on the bottom is peameal bacon.

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