The Bristol Yard on Urbanspoon
Brunches and good friends are a terrific combination and I suspect there will be many entries on this topic. 

The Bristol yard was recommended by a friend and it certainly lived up this it's name.  There's an eye-catching unionjack hanging above the front door.  The all-day break ranges from about $12 - $15 and the portions are generous.  The only draw-back is that it's TINY.  Seems like everyone was out this day for exactly the same thing...A big hearthy brunch meal.  We waited a good 30mins or more for our table.

Given my low-carb diet, I opted for what sounded like a vegetarian-option...The description did not mention anything about my portobellow mushrooms and heirloom tomatoes being served on a English muffin.  So I was a bit disappointed at not getting what was expected. 

However, to be fair, the food was great and the few little pieces of homefries I nibbled on guiltily were tasty. You cold get brunches a bit cheaper, but if you're a big eater, this is the place to go. 


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