Learned a lot from today's garage sale...Getting other family  and friends involved; whilst it takes more planning; is more fun.  There're more things for sale and it helps to generate larger crowds.  Location, as always, is also key.  

Today, we had 3-4 families involved; took over one of the families' driveway (the one with the best location...Right off a main road); and planned a big BBQ.  Except it rained.  The BBQ was cancelled and we were kept busy moving tables back and forth between the garage and the driveway.  But it wasn't a complete write-off; believe it or not, people were still driving by and stopping!  Even when we decided to finally close shop for the day, close the garage and  retreated indoors to enjoy a pot of tea; people were still swinging by; one even walked up to ring the doorbell! 

Disappointed that the weather didn't cooperate (was supposed to only possibly rain in the morning); we did make some money and ended the evening with a great dinner.  

Keeping fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow. 

Markham Station on Urbanspoon
Frequently pass by the Markham Station diner near Markham Rd/Sheppard Ave.  But business must be good as it's been there on the corner for years and years.  But it is also opened 24hours and is an all-day-breakfast. So if you're really had a bacon and eggs or burger craving at 3am; there's a place to go.

We recently when there to try their brunch.  We got there in time to enjoy their before-11am price which started at $4.99.  This included 3 eggs, toast, homefries and choice of bacon, sausage and ham.  We decided not order a special each and opted instead to try pancakes and bagel.  The food tasted as it should...Homey and warm.

The diner is spacious and has a relaxed and casual atmosphere.  It was busy so the service was a bit slow but our host did come around to refill the coffee.  I think I'm enjoying this diner; Cora's nice and fancy and Panagio's is a specialized brekkie spot; but for if you're looking for good food and good price; I feel this is the better choice.