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Dim Sum.  One of my all time favourites...Sipping tea and slowly enjoying a variety of small dishes ranging from crispy or soft, steamed or fried, buns to cakes, meats to veggies...You really can have it all!  In Hong Kong, seniors are a common sighting in the early mornings enjoying earlybird discounts.  Families tend to crowd in for weekend lunches and the leisure ones enjoy the afternoon tea discounts. 

If you picked up anything about my character from reading this blog; you'd probably be able to guess my preferred dining times...That's right!  Afternoon tea from 2:30pm - 5pm...Ahh, it signals a life of leisure.

Since returning to Toronto, the parents have taken to Milliken Bar & Restaurant (the name is kind of mis-leading...No way you would think of this as a bar) near Kennedy and Finch.  The prices are good and the selection and quality reasonable...But, the Scarborough area has many nice dim sum places around.  It may not be the fanciest of locations but good food at good prices score high on my priority. 

A few of our favourites from this particular dim sum place: steamed spareribs and rice rolls, egg custard sesame balls and preserved egg pastry.  The usual standard of pork siu mai, shrimp dumpling 'ha-gow' and beef balls are tasty but similar to other locations.

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