It's not often I have a reason to go downtown and when I do, it's nice to take the opportunity to wander about some of the iconic sights of Toronto. 

Below are photos from Osgoode Hall.  Though smallish in size, there are a few truly stunning nooks and crannies on the inside.  From some of the photos, one might have thought I took a quick trip to Europe!
And of course, Toronto's iconic City Hall.  Designed by a Finnish architect, it opened in 1965 on what was once Chinatown.  With it's futuristic design, it's been featured in movies and TV.  I remember seeing it in a Star Trek scene once! 

Next to the new city hall, is the old city hall.  It looks like a layered chocolate cake to me!  Always pass by it but today, I ventured inside and after going through security checks, found myself inside this historical building now used as a courthouse.  Lots of ornate staircases and smartly dressed lawyers walking by purposefully with their black robes billowing after them. 
And I found a 7-eleven store!  Made me think of HK :D

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