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Love Shanghai-styled dim sum.  Hmm, I would probably say I like all sorts of dim sums or tappas...I'm wondering if I just like the concept of small dishes and can nibble some of this and some of that. 

A famous Shanghai dim sum that is a standard of any restaurant that calls itself a Shanghai restaurant is the 'xiaolongbau'.  These are small little dumplings with pork and broth inside which one dips into a ginger/vinegar dipping sauce.  Careful, they're hot and need to be cooled before eating.  When biting into its juicy goodness, one needs to take care that none of that juice squirts out, potentially creating some embarresment. Been there myself. 

The xiaolongbao here at 369 Shanghai Dim Sum is steamed to perfection; nice wrapper texture holding all the goodness inside without being to chewy.  Succulent tasty pork morsels enveloped with just the right amount of broth.   Yum.  

The spring rolls were tasty as it should though we found it to be a bit on the saltier side; as with the scallion/spring onion pancakes we had also ordered. I liked the onion pancake more.  

One particular dish did stand out; perhaps because of it unusual name; 'Ants Crawling Up Trees'.  Having no idea what it is, we ordered it on a whim.  It's a tasty vermicelli dish with minced pork and a touch of chilli.  Simple but quite delicious.  We also ordered a dish of stir-fry pea shoots just so we would have some greens and not feel guilty.  

Overall, it was a delightful place serving most of the standard dishes one would find in a Shanghai restaurant.  It is clean, bright and price seems reasonable.

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