My volunteer position with Evergreen Brick Works involves supporting the volunteer recruiting team and one of the projects I've been working on involves the promoting of student volunteer positions.  We have been making good use of job fairs and volunteers fairs. 

On a recent Saturday, a volunteer fair hosted by City Youth Council of Toronto in honour of Global Youth Service Fair was held at City Hall.  I hadn't been inside City Hall in a while, let alone the upstair's 'Memebers' Lounge' where mayor Rob Ford holds his council.

As an environmental organization, we kept our flyer distrubution at a minium, but I did eye the colourful booths of my neighbours with some apprehension.  They were giving out freebies and sweets! 

However, I was kept busy enough; it is heartening to see youths interested in getting involved with the environment; it is also terrific to see parents coming along with the younger students and encouraging them to contribute their time and energy towards community projects and/or work.


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