Mom's Traditional Asian Dishes - Bamboo Girl

The nest is made from the saliva of a type of swallow's, the most expensive being the red nest.  The soup made, also known as bird's nest soup is considered an expensive delicacy; prized for it's healthy and beauty enhancing properties.
Mom went a little crazy and got talked into making a large purchase...Let's just say it was it hit the four digit mark.  With all three Bamboo Girls home, she was at a mothering instinct high...To ensure her girls radiate health and beauty.

The soup can be made savoury or sweet.  My favourite is sweet and really think this is the best way to go.  However, mom had some fresh chicken broth and decided to go savoury.  You want to ensure all ingredients are as fresh as can be so as to not spoil the expensive nest.

5 pieces of bird's nest (more or less depending on how many you are feeding)
4C fresh chicken stock

1. Sock the desired amount of nest in water until soft.  Pick out any loose feathers or dirt.
2. When soft, drain overnight.
3. Heat water in a double boiler.
4. Put the nest and chicken stock into a steaming pot and place in double-boiler.
5. Steam for 45mins - 1hour.  The nest will take on a soft yellow colouring from the chicken broth and will float to top.
To make sweet bird's nest soup, instead of using chicken stock, use water and add some Chinese rock sugar.

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