Remember all that sweet filling leftover from making Guk-chai? Here's a recipe  that requires the same filling.  It also requires some dexterity and thus a  possible activity for little fingers to strengthen fine-motor skills.  Can get messy though...

Filling: Same as Guk-chai (shredded coconut, crushed peanuts, toasted sesame, sugar). 

Wrapper: 400g Glutinous flour, 3/4C sugar, 500g water

Coating: shredded coconut or powder sugar

1. Combine water and sugar and stir until well-mixed. Add little by little to glutinous flour and mix well.  It will stay in watery consistency.  Separate into two bowls and heat one at a time in microwave, about 4mins each.  It should now be sticky and thick in consistency.
2. While mixture is  still warm to touch, scoop a little up and roll into a 1-inch ball and with a combination of stretching, pressing, pulling, flatten into a small disc.

3. Add a small spoonful of filling, pinch the opening shut and gently roll into a ball (about 1.5-2inches).

4.  Roll the mochi ball into shredded coconut or powder sugar.

**Filling options: sweet black sesame paste or  sweet lutus paste.

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