Mom's Traditional Asian Dishes - Bamboo Girl
FIsh was on sale and mom decided on a new project...Homemade salted fish!  I must warn you, it does get a bit fishy smelling!  It's a great time to do pickling and salting...Weather's warmed up and flies aren't out yet and as you can see, our three fish are hanging happily in the sun. 

The old Chinese expression of living by salt fish and vegetables describe the folks with unable to buy fresh meats and produces and brings to mind of a simple life.  It is usually associated with older folks, but it could be the preference for stronger flavour foods due to weakening taste buds or the desire to have food which reminds them of their yesteryear.  For myself, while I tend not to eat it as a dish on it's own, I do enjoy 'salt-fish and chicken fried rice occasionally.  

It is interesting to think about how different cultures preserve or eat their salt fish differently.  The Portuguese has their codfish and then there's the ever versatile herring fish enjoyed differently by many European countries from raw, smoked or in a brine. 

-cheap fish or whatever is on sale

1. Clean and wash fish thoroughly.  Pat dry and drain.
2. Rub salt all over the fish and cavity. 
3. Attach string to fish and hang outside in sun for about two days.  It should be firm and dry in the end.  
4. Wrap and store until ready to eat. 

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