Filling: -Mix together shredded coconut, crushed peanuts, toasted sesame, sugar

Wrapper: -Store-bought dumpling wrapper 

1 beaten egg - for sealing wrapper edges

1. Use your finger or a small egg brush and dab the edges of a wrapper with egg. 
2. Spoon some of the coconut-peanut filling into centre of wrapper and fold in half.  Crimp edges and seal firmly. (You are bascially making a sweet dumpling)
3. Continue making until you have as many as you like.
4.  Fill a pot 1/3 with oil and heat it up.  Carefully lower the sweet dumplings into the oil; turning over after a few minutes until they are golden on both side and crispy.
5. Cool and store in Tupperware.

**Store extra filling in Tupperware for making sweet crepes, as cookie topping or my favourite, on top of a buttered English crumpet...Great example of East-meets-West!
**Use the round wrappers; they're thicker and can be used for Japanese gyozas or potstickers.  The square wrappers are for wonton and are too thin for this dish.

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