According to Chinese traditions, luck and good fortune is bestowed upon all those that begin on an auspicious date.  Thus, what better way to start this writing project then a post about the sweets and savour foods mom prepared for CNY?

CNY celebration is steeped in tradition and folklore.  It is said that a monster lived atop a mountain and when it wakes up for its slumber, it will come down and eat up the villagers.  In a bid to scare the monster away, a cocophony of pots and pans would keep the monster at bay.  Today, instead of running around banging pots and pans, firecrackers are used.  Houses are artfully decorated with blessings written on red paper and spring is welcomed in with colourful displays of flowers. 

There are a lot of other dos and don'ts such as not washing one's hair or sweeping on the first day of CNY; the first day of the new year.  It is feared that if one does, one will wash or sweep away that year's luck or fortunes.  On the third day, it is recommended that no family or friend visits be made so as to avoid disagreements.  I never did quite get this one and wonder if has anything to do with all the feasting from the days before...Everyone's just bloated and grumbly. No gift-giving of shoes as the sound of 'shoe' in Cantonese sounds like a person sighing.  I say, give me a brand new Louboutine or Manolo Blahnik any day! 

In any case, my family does not subscribe to much of the superstitions surrounding CNY...Though we kids do get our lucky red envelopes stuffed with crisp money notes (laisee) and mom cooks up a storm which I am about to share.

**My youngest sister recently married and was reminded by mom to give her two older sisters laisee.  To which she said 'Aww, really?'  I am still waiting for it...


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