Time can quickly pass unnoticed as was the case this past year.  At the time, it seemed like there was plenty time to do many, many things (which I did!) but now thinking back, I find myself struggling to figure out where did the time go?  When one is busy and juggling between tasks; rushing to cross things off the to-do list; it seems as if there's never enough time. But now, here I am, sipping a cup of hot jasmine tea and wondering how it is I'm in Hong Kong today when not too long ago, I was sitting in a cafe in Toronto. 

Was Toronto, or home, what it was like when I left over 10 years ago?  Have things changed or have I changed?  And are the changes I feel the result of experiences and changing views?  Or is it the result of being away from Toronto for so long?  And what about now?  Will I find HK different from when I left?  I often hear about the challenges foreign-born Chinese experience here in Asia...How we look Chinese but act in a non-Chinese manner to various degrees.  It's been interesting and curious for me to note that it happens the other way too...How Chinese people in foreign countries act and behave in ways that are not very true to Asian values.

There has been little time for self-reflection these past few weeks.  It seems like from the day I landed at HKIA (airport) in early August, things have kept me busy...Accommodation to figure out, utilities to set up, Internet and phone packages to consider, helping out real true newbies (unlike me) at work, getting re-accustomed to the pace of life and work here...And getting used to the heat again!  Things have somewhat calmed down enough for me to write here.

Returning to the same workplace has made some things easier.  Instead of having to spend time to figure out the day-to-day operations; I'm using the time to learn about a new educational web tool.  And, instead of having to learn my way around HK; I have the time to actually go to the gym as opposed to making the claim that my daily dash to the bus stop is exercise. 

This time round in HK, I hope to more fully appreciate my autonomy and to truly enjoy the delights that has made it the Pearl of the Orient. 

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